Checking In


So far the Twitter hiatus is going surprisingly well. I've read two books and am starting on a different one that was recommended to me before finishing out the trilogy (The Black Magician, for those curious). I've made multiple contributions to open source, completed a few arduous and nagging pieces of adulting, did some devops-ish things to some side projects (HSTS and LetsEncrypt for everything!) and I've even had to start sending browser tabs from my desktop my phone (thanks Pushbullet!). Surprisingly, I'm also less angry. That takes a bit of unpacking though. I do subscribe to the "if you're not angry, you're not paying attention" idea, but honestly, rage is not a clean-burning fuel source. There will always be things wrong with the world, but that doesn't obligate me to steep myself in them. In several ways I feel like this is a more healthy choice. I do still read what comes through my RSS feeds, so I'm not completely out of touch, but there's definitely nothing from mainstream news organizations there.

I miss being able to share random thoughts, wry observations, and stories about my son, but I like the way this experiment is going. I still intend to come back to Twitter in two more weeks, but hopefully as a more deliberate consumer instead of just pointing the firehose at my brain.